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Shu Chin Ma

10.20.2014 |    16 |   reply |
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One of the earliest and probably the most important professional relationships you will ever have is with your academic mentors.  It shares many similarities with a parent-child relationship. We are the eager ducklings learning to dive into the pool of knowledge, with the help of gentle nudging and the guidance of our mentors.  Ideally, our mentors are there to encourage us, challenge us and to prepare us to ultimately leave them and seek greater adventures. Almost inevitably, the relationship reaches its natural end. We graduate and leave the safety of our mentor’s aegis, hopefully with their blessings. Sometimes, the relationship turns bad,...
Tags: mentoring, saying goodbye to mentors

Sandlin Seguin

10.15.2014 |    146 |   reply |
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Chances are good that at some point in your career, you will need to teach people something in a formal environment like a classroom or lecture hall.  You might get assigned the entire first year of intro bio (with labs), or you might just give a guest lecture in some graduate...
Tags: effective teaching methods, how to effectively teach students

Christiana Davis

10.13.2014 |    169 |   reply |
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Letting data linger in our labs is very common in academia.  Most, if not all, Principle Investigators have data that may never see the light of the day. Do you wish you have more time to write scientific papers? In this present post, I'll share some tips on how to get...
Tags: getting control of your time, time management, unpublished data, writing schedule

Shu Chin Ma

10.10.2014 |    311 |   reply |
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Let’s start by clearing something up: I am not a scientific writer in the sense that I get paid per word, finger-pecked on the keyboard.  Althought, I do a fair amount of writing in my work, and I thoroughly enjoy it, thus, I may have some tips on getting started on...
Tags: how to be a science writer, how to start in science writing, loving what you write

Thomas Magaldi

10.07.2014 |    856 |   reply |
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I often encounter two types of graduate students and postdocs who are on the job market.  The first type is looking for the perfect job.  Students in this category want their first job to meet all of their career requirements such as responsibilities, salary, location, growth opportunities, and company culture. Students...
Tags: dream job vs skill building, job search as a learning process, jobs for fresh graduates

Jena Pitman-Leung

10.06.2014 |    326 |   reply |
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Many people enter a Ph.D. program or postdoctoral fellowship with the plan that they will be in academia forever. However, for about 70% of trainees, this plan changes along the way. Sometimes it happens slowly, over a long period of time, and sometimes it happens quickly. In either case, usually...
Tags: exit plans for scientists, preparing to leave academia

Kristine Hennessy

10.03.2014 |    331 |   reply |
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After choosing to leave the academic track behind, I had to begin focusing on my new career as a high school biology teacher.   I realized that I knew nothing about teaching teenagers, or understanding the complex world that science is.   So I did what any good scientist would do, I...
Tags: teaching high school as a career path, transferable skills of scientists

Fabian Zanella

10.01.2014 |    785 |   reply |
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Once you are set to pursue academic research, you may have a few options regarding labs and PIs you would like to work for.  While this is a very coarse view on how labs function according to their “size,” with exceptions in all kinds, I have observed that many of those...
Tags: choosing the right lab, pros and cons of big and small labs

Amber O’Connor

09.29.2014 |    885 |   reply |
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This month, I thought I’d share with you some of the administrative things I’ve had to learn and complete when it comes to starting my freelance science writing business.   Having your own business means that you charge for services to earn income, and that you are responsible for assuring the...
Tags: how to start a freelance writing business, things needed to start up a business

Charlotte Mitchell

09.26.2014 |    1,407 |   reply |
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If you are one of the lucky graduate students or postdocs, you have actually been told that it is a good idea to network, or you have eventually figured it out yourself.  Fortunately, more and more Universities now have career development teams, postdoc committees and other resources available to help PhD...
Tags: getting a job through networking, how to network, networking

Shu Chin Ma

09.24.2014 |    1,215 |   reply |
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When you hear the words “working remotely,” does it conjure up an image of someone sloppily dressed in their ratty pajama, hair unkempt, with a huge mug of coffee cradled in one hand, while sitting in front of the television with a computer, haphazardly propped on their lap?  How about someone...
Tags: benefits of working at home, work at home scientist, working from home

Kate Sleeth

09.22.2014 |    1,451 |   reply |
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I am wondering how many people know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?   I am sure everyone has heard of mentors, but have you heard of a sponsor (and this isn’t someone who is trying to raise money for a deserving charity!)?   My description of a mentor is...
Tags: sponsoring a scientist, what is sponsorship

Christiana Davis

09.19.2014 |    2,511 |   reply |
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There are many opportunities in industry for life scientists with grant writing skills.  As a Medical Writer, you may choose to include grant proposal writing as one of the services you offer. I was recently asked to write a technology grant proposal for launching an iOS App. Although I did not...
Tags: grant proposal writing, grant writing opportunities, transferable skills

Suzane Ramos da Silva

09.17.2014 |    2,106 |   reply |
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I still can remember the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach on my first day at the lab.  Everything was new and exciting, and I wanted to know everything, meet everybody, exchange experience, show everyone what I know, and learn what I didn’t. In the perfect world, that feeling should...

Nick Folger

09.15.2014 |    1,084 |   reply |
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Perhaps you have well established Mentor relationships in Academia or your current field.  Are they the best people to guide you through a career transition into a new field?  They know you well, and you have a comfortable relationship with them, but perhaps they don’t know enough about the new...

Shu Chin Ma

09.12.2014 |    1,866 |   reply |
No votes yet

Thinking of where to start?  If you think joining a start-up company is your Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to lucrative stock options, mega cash-ins later, and early retirement before you hit the legal drinking age, then you might be interested in the Brooklyn Bridge, which I can sell to you at...
Tags: is joining a startup company good, startup company

Michael Salgaller

09.10.2014 |    946 |   reply |
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I know what you did this summer. You probably worked on your job, but not your career.  That’s okay. It’s hard to connect with people when so many are away on vacation. Weren’t you away part of the time? Please tell me you took a vacation. Please tell me you weren’t...
Tags: planning your career

Kate Sleeth

09.08.2014 |    1,147 |   reply |
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A few months ago, I wrote a blog on “Changing Your Name,” and I have been having discussions about this subject ever since!   The odd thing was that, while people considered the issues with identity crisis and confusion over the name change, no-one really considered the amount of effort that...
Tags: changing your name, Changing your name after marriage

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