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Clement Weinberger

03.04.2015 |    181 |   reply |
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PhD students, and a majority of PhDs in science, spend many hours at the bench doing research designed to obtain results that will either confirm or reject a hypothesis.  They write, defend and revise a thesis. Along the way, and as soon and as often as possible afterward, they publish the results of subsequent research and comment on its significance.  In fact, the term least publishable unit (LPU) has been used to define the “minimum amount of information that can generate a publication in a peer-reviewed journal”.  Discussion of LPUs can elicit conflicting and strongly held opinions. There’s an interesting article about...

Debojyoti Dhar

03.02.2015 |    138 |   reply |
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Biomarkers are the Holy Grail for detecting diseases.  Natural biomarkers are sought after molecules for effective screening of patients. Biomarkers include detection of proteins, RNA, DNA to now even micro RNAs. However, detection of natural biomarkers is fraught with issues of specificity, feasibility, price etc. Now, a new set of research is...
Tags: modern diagnostics, synthetic biomarkers

Sandlin Seguin

02.27.2015 |    313 |   reply |
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Last week, I accepted a new job that I am very excited about.  Of course, anytime you can wrap up a job hunt is deeply gratifying, but this time in particular, I am thrilled with the outcome. I am taking a role as an eLearning Specialist at Tableau Software.  That’s a...
Tags: job coach works, tips for job search

Shu Chin Ma

02.25.2015 |    263 |   reply |
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Does your stomach do flips when you hear the word “presentation”? Does your throat get drier than the Sahara desert when you have to speak to more than one person? Do you sweat profusely when you have to “network”? Do your legs wobble if you have to resolve perceived conflicts...
Tags: public speaking tips, speaking with confidence

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

02.23.2015 |    343 |   reply |
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Finishing a PhD has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling goals I have achieved so far. However, the path was far from easy.  I believe most of my peers will agree with me when I say that towards the end of our training, the path becomes not only highly...
Tags: life after phd, what to after phd

Robert Cory Bernhards

02.20.2015 |    440 |   reply |
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Finding a good job in today’s economy is a challenge, especially when it comes to specialized research.   Many PhDs are forced to take jobs they don’t really want, or ones that don’t benefit their career paths.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Your dream job is out there, and...
Tags: chasing your dream job, networking

Thomas Patrick Chuna

02.18.2015 |    488 |   reply |
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This is my first blog for in over a year, and it is good to be back.  I wanted to cover the topic of interview preparedness today. In March I am conducting a webinar on how to interview well, and I will expand on what I write here, but I...

Fabian Zanella

02.16.2015 |    490 |   reply |
No votes yet

Since around this time of the year, tax return commercials invade our televisions, I thought I could share an experience that is related to that. In my five years of postdoctoral experience, I have been fortunate to be able to cover for my own salary through a grant from a local...

Suzane Ramos da Silva

02.13.2015 |    521 |   reply |
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After reading an interview with a pioneer scientist on Science, I kept questioning myself about how to find a balance between life and work.  In the cited interview, the scientist said she took 5 days off work for the birth of all her three sons. I read a lot about life...
Tags: taking a break from work, work-life balance

Ron Hunter

02.11.2015 |    763 |   reply |
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My grandmother often remarked that I had been here before, which meant that I was an old soul.  More than knowing what I wanted as a child, I anticipated the future with a sixth sense. This remained true until the end of graduate school. I finished my PhD in chemistry, and...

Andrea Habura

02.09.2015 |    1,297 |   reply |
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Admit it: you have a “lucky” PCR machine, don’t you?  As any experimental biologist can tell you, working at the bench has a strong element of tradition and muscle knowledge. If I’m running a Western blot or pouring a gel, I’ll probably do it a certain way, because that’s the way...
Tags: biology experiments as computer programs, lab superstitions

Suzane Ramos da Silva

02.06.2015 |    637 |   reply |
No votes yet

Since I was an undergrad, lab meetings have been part of my scientific development.  Although some people don’t like lab meetings, I think it is a great opportunity to brainstorm, keep up with your experiments and most importantly, it is a great way to organize your data.  Different labs have different kinds...
Tags: how important are lab meetings, setting up lab meetings

Charlotte Mitchell

02.04.2015 |    588 |   reply |
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At the start of a new year, many of us like to set new goals.  Most of them are geared towards exercising more, eating healthier, or other things in our personal life, but how about setting a goal to improve yourself professionally this year?  Whether your goals are personal or professional, they...
Tags: new year resolution, setting goals at work

Shu Chin Ma

02.02.2015 |    1,074 |   reply |
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Does the word “home residency requirement” cause an unsettling tingle down your spine, and cause you to utter a muffled curse each time you hear it?  Does it put an annoying stumbling block on your future plans and career development within the U.S.?  If you nodded to either of these questions, then...
Tags: how to get a J1 visa, how to work in the US

Jane Yang

01.30.2015 |    1,927 |   reply |
No votes yet

I am new to Bio Careers Blog.  Excited as I am as a first-timer, I will set a rule for my blog: I do not intend to give out specific action items or tips to fellow job seekers.   You see, I am one of you.  After many years of academic...
Tags: changing careers in life science

Michael Salgaller

01.28.2015 |    1,791 |   reply |
No votes yet

Last fall, I was invited by Bio Careers to present a webinar on pursuing alternative careers.  It dealt most specifically with transitioning from a bench career to one involving finance or business. Interestingly, what strongly resonated with attendees were the slides on how one’s skills could be applied to positions which,...
Tags: other careers for scientists, transferable skills of scientists

Fabian Zanella

01.26.2015 |    2,860 |   reply |
No votes yet

When you are working at the bench and taking on other tasks, time management becomes crucial.  As a postdoc or graduate student, time is an invaluable resource. For me, there are basically three aspects that make time spent in the lab more efficient. I will try to outline them below. 1) Avoid...
Tags: how to manage time better

Clement Weinberger

01.23.2015 |    2,062 |   reply |
No votes yet

This doesn’t sound much like the title of a career path blog, does it?  You most likely know it as the title of a song by Paul Simon, but while it may resonate with a lot of people, what specific relevance could it have to science PhDs and postdocs?  Well, it does...
Tags: alternative careers for scientists, changing careers for scientists

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