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Shu Chin Ma

09.12.2014 |    113 |   reply |
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Thinking of where to start?  If you think joining a start-up company is your Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to lucrative stock options, mega cash-ins later, and early retirement before you hit the legal drinking age, then you might be interested in the Brooklyn Bridge, which I can sell to you at basement price, or even the Statue of Liberty and Madison Square Gardens. Act now!  This is a limited time offer.   Let’s do a reality check, the name “startup” says it all. It’s new, it’s young. Like a baby, it can be immature and inclined to unpredictable bouts of tantrums thrown...
Tags: is joining a startup company good, startup company

Michael Salgaller

09.10.2014 |    144 |   reply |
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I know what you did this summer. You probably worked on your job, but not your career.  That’s okay. It’s hard to connect with people when so many are away on vacation. Weren’t you away part of the time? Please tell me you took a vacation. Please tell me you weren’t...
Tags: planning your career

Kate Sleeth

09.08.2014 |    250 |   reply |
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A few months ago, I wrote a blog on “Changing Your Name,” and I have been having discussions about this subject ever since!   The odd thing was that, while people considered the issues with identity crisis and confusion over the name change, no-one really considered the amount of effort that...
Tags: changing your name, Changing your name after marriage

Andrea Habura

09.05.2014 |    232 |   reply |
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“…the world is, indeed, filled with a number of things… not only the wondrous creatures of the sea, but the marvelous hand and machine tools, and the stupendous assortment of plastic materials (both natural and manmade) available, as our own rich heritage from nature and from man’s creativity...” – Dr. Zach...
Tags: bioinstrumentation, toolbuilding for scientists, World Maker Faire

Thomas Magaldi

09.03.2014 |    1,183 |   reply |
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Are you starting to think about your career path? Does the prospect of applying for jobs scare you?  If so, please follow the instructions listed below before you read the rest of this blog post.  1. Stand up. 2. Place your right hand over your heart. 3. Recite the following sentence: “I will find...
Tags: how to stay positive, positivity

Fabian Zanella

09.01.2014 |    648 |   reply |
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In academia, collaboration is a recurring topic, as it is seen as a valuable resource that helps research groups accomplish better results, more efficiently. We usually define an academic collaborator as someone who can provide you with something that you need for a project, but don’t have immediately available: Expertise on...
Tags: do collaborations work, unrecognized efforts

Kia Walcott

08.29.2014 |    313 |   reply |
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If you’re having trouble finding a job or just looking to get some more experience, don’t be afraid to take a short-term position.  While I was looking for a job in science writing, I also started looking for something temporary that I could do to beef up my resume (and bring...
Tags: importance of teaching, is teaching for me, why should I teach

Dave Galgoczy

08.27.2014 |    539 |   reply |
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Hello Bio Careers community! To introduce myself, my name is Dave Galgoczy. I work in a few roles, such as an independent technology consultant with startup industrial biotech companies, and as an expert consultant for financial firms. Consulting fits my skills, interests, and need for variety, and allows me to lend...
Tags: how to become a consultant, how to start in consulting

Christiana Davis

08.25.2014 |    938 |   reply |
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To become a competent and successful medical writer, there are skills you must acquire.  If you are a life scientist, you likely have some of these under your belt. This includes an in-depth knowledge of science and research. This background is vital in industry, where you are expected to combine your...
Tags: how to be a medical writer, how to write in industry

Sandlin Seguin

08.22.2014 |    1,288 |   reply |
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“This abstract is awful. Just start over.” “You give bad lectures. You didn’t make sense.” “This manuscript is a mess. It needs organization.” Taking criticism is hard. Giving criticism is hard. Giving criticism in ways that can be taken by the listener, is an art form. I don’t claim to be an expert,...
Tags: how to do constructive criticism, how to give criticism

Christiana Davis

08.20.2014 |    2,020 |   reply |
No votes yet

You may have had a successful PhD, with publications in high-impact journals, a great mentor, and peers you got along with. You interviewed for the ideal postdoc position. Your presentation went well. All the people you interacted with during the interview welcomed you. Your personality seemed to be compatible with...
Tags: how to deal with office politics, office politics in postdoc

Kia Walcott

08.18.2014 |    1,025 |   reply |
No votes yet

I recently completed my mid-year review at work. I wanted to share one of the comments that I received because when I heard it, it struck me as a bit odd. I was told that I always look very “put together.”  This was definitely a complement, and I interpreted it as...
Tags: dressing appropriately, power dressing

Andrea Habura

08.15.2014 |    1,767 |   reply |
No votes yet

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think the world can be divided into two kinds of people, and those who don't. However, I rather like the metaphor of "foxes" versus "hedgehogs." It was coined by the ancient Greek playwright Archilochus, but it's famous thanks to...
Tags: hobbies for scientists, programming for scientists, side gigs for PhDs

Thomas Magaldi

08.13.2014 |    3,545 |   reply |
No votes yet

Are you unsure of whether to pursue a first or second postdoc? If so, be strategic in choosing your next training opportunity.  The most important factor in choosing a postdoc is finding a PI who will support your career aspirations and training. Unfortunately, many scientists choose a postdoc based solely on...
Tags: advice for postdoctoral studies, should I proceed to postdoc

Christiana Davis

08.11.2014 |    1,014 |   reply |
No votes yet

As life scientists, you likely know some bad advisors. What options are there if your advisor is just not helping you reach your goals?  This post will discuss a few ways that your advisor may be damaging your career, and will offer suggestions that might help you or someone you know....
Tags: change of mentor, problem with mentor

Charlotte Mitchell

08.08.2014 |    2,653 |   reply |
No votes yet

When I worked as a recruiter, I noticed something quite interesting. I had a lot of candidates who were in academia trying to break into industry and, as many of you may know, making that transition can be very difficult. The interesting part was that I had a handful of...
Tags: getting in industry, industry job for PhD, tips for getting industry job

Shu Chin Ma

08.06.2014 |    1,283 |   reply |
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this blog are those of myself exclusively, and does not reflect or represent the current views and thinking of the FDA.  I have heard of a few versions of the acronym for the FDA, including the Federal Drugs Administration and Federal Drugs Association, and some random...
Tags: perks of working for the government, working for the FDA

Kia Walcott

08.04.2014 |    1,188 |   reply |
No votes yet

You’ve decided to become a medical writer. You’ve set up your LinkedIn profile, sent out countless resumes, and networked yourself to death. You finally land the interview and realize, wait for it - they actually want you to write something before they hire you!  When I was applying for science writing...
Tags: changing careers to medical writing, Science writing, tips of science writing

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