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Ron Hunter

05.18.2015 |    61 |   reply |
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From my viewpoint, this is completely dependent on what you need at each step in your educational and professional careers.  On beginning undergrad, I had narrowed down my choices between going to the University of Miami (11,380 undergrads in 2015) vs. Mercer University (4,419 undergrads in 2015). Since Mercer was the only school I had visited, I decided to go there.  After graduation, I was faced with a similar decision size-wise for graduate school – to go to University of Texas – Austin (52,059 total enrollment in 2015) vs. Emory University (14,769 total enrollment in 2014). Emory University aligned more with my...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

05.15.2015 |    66 |   reply |
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During my undergraduate studies I took more than 18 credits in the Social Sciences from Theories of Personality, to Sociology and Social Problems.  At the time, I wasn't completely clear as to how taking these courses would influence my future, both at the personal and professional level, but that became evident...
Tags: how to develop social skills, socialization with peers

Thomas Patrick Chuna

05.13.2015 |    70 |   reply |
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Hello everyone!  The internet is full of “never fail – guaranteed to work” tips and strategies designed to help you get that dream job. Goodness knows I share plenty of them with you here and in the webinars.  Point is, in job search, these techniques are only part of the equation. In...
Tags: how to network better

Shu Chin Ma

05.11.2015 |    236 |   reply |
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How many of you shiver when you hear “networking”? Or do you jump for joy?  If you are in the latter category, then congratulations and you can stop reading. However, if you are from the first category, here are some tips that might be able to help you to overcome the...
Tags: how to follow up on an employer, how to network

Ron Hunter

05.06.2015 |    273 |   reply |
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Repeatedly, we have heard the maxims, “ask and you shall receive”, “close mouths don’t get fed”, or “knock and the door will be opened” said in one way or another.  I proffer the general point in the form of another adage - if you do not ask, the answer will always...
Tags: asking people, how to get a yes, the art of asking

Lamar Blackwell

05.04.2015 |    255 |   reply |
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One of the most important things we learn during our Ph.D. training is the ability to do a “needs analysis”.   We learn how to get work done when resources are limited, project goals are shifted, and priorities change for things like grant proposals.  Still, other times, we realize that we...
Tags: skill building for life scientists, transferable skills

Andrea Habura

04.22.2015 |    623 |   reply |
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It’s a very busy time at my company: one of the kids is about to leave for college.  We’ve been planning this for a while, as you’d expect, but there’s always a last-minute flurry of activity before you get the youngster out the door. And you always worry about the kids...

Michael Salgaller

04.20.2015 |    1,143 |   reply |
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Are you diminishing yourself and your accomplishments by using these two words? Science as a discipline and career path is, by its nature, highly hierarchical. That is, chances are strong the organization you work with is structured vertically. There is a clear pecking order, a clear chain of command.  In academia, there...

Fabian Zanella

04.15.2015 |    1,102 |   reply |
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I read this very interesting article in Forbes, and saw many take always and good advice.  So I decided to share it, combined with my own experience. Your postdoc period should be the most intense and productive time of your scientific career. I have heard this phrase many times in the past,...
Tags: work life balance, working in stem cell research

Thomas Patrick Chuna

04.13.2015 |    831 |   reply |
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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to cover something that can kill your job search, and your new job, if you aren't careful.  Let's say, you graduate with a degree in your chosen field from an institution of higher learning, but, for one reason or another, it takes months, or maybe a year...
Tags: how to answer employer, interview answers, job gap

Sandlin Seguin

04.08.2015 |    1,274 |   reply |
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Chances are good that if you have considered moving into a communication heavy career, someone has at some point suggested you keep a writing portfolio.  If you are like me, you nodded sagely and left confused. What is a writing portfolio? And what do I put in mine, if I am...
Tags: compiling a writing portfolio, what is a writing portfolio, writing portfolio for science writers

Robert Cory Bernhards

04.06.2015 |    1,162 |   reply |
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Ever wonder why you never hear about postdoc job opportunities at military research institutes?   One reason is that adequate job advertising is severely lacking or completely absent for most military research postdoc positions.  As a result, most prospective postdocs have no idea where to go, or what they need to...
Tags: how to a military science job, networking in military science

Lamar Blackwell

04.03.2015 |    1,373 |   reply |
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Learning to speak well is an important transferable skill for work in academia, pharma, and life in general.   While we know this is important, few understand the need to use this skill in “reinventing” themselves when entertaining a career transition.   Last time, I described the need to learn to...

Clement Weinberger

04.01.2015 |    1,220 |   reply |
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At some point, you will have to choose journals to submit your articles to.  Finding the right journal is important because if your article isn’t published in a timely fashion, say within a year of a congress presentation, no one will know about it, and a delay will make someone ask,...
Tags: how to publish faster, publishing articles to smaller companies

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

03.30.2015 |    1,841 |   reply |
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For every job available out there, no matter the discipline, we can find hundreds of applicants equally qualified who can fill that position.  A colleague of mine, who worked as Dean of Administration at an academic institution, once told me that no matter how good we are at our job, there...
Tags: better work environment, social skills at work

Ron Hunter

03.25.2015 |    2,033 |   reply |
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As a graduate student, I completed my dissertation research in a laboratory external to the chemistry department in the Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) at Emory University. Due to this, I nurtured a relationship not only with Emory University’s main career center, but also one with career services at the...

Thomas Patrick Chuna

03.23.2015 |    1,621 |   reply |
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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to cover something that I have seen a lot of.  Every week, I get maybe five resumes for a position I am trying to fill. Three people aren't even remotely qualified. One looks great on paper, but they never call me back after I respond, then there...

Debojyoti Dhar

03.18.2015 |    1,267 |   reply |
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Every idea has its place under the sun. Two industries, pharmaceuticals and aviation which are known to be ‘high risk – high gain’ business are strikingly employing similar practices in order to maximize productivity and profits. Everyone would agree that both aviation and pharmaceutical businesses require ‘deep pockets’ to start and...
Tags: ideas for startup

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