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Suzane Ramos da Silva

07.23.2014 |    113 |   reply |
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The decision to go to another country to work in science is based on funding, the job and all the future opportunities that will be open if everything goes well. But the hardest part is that, most of the time, you have to leave everything behind, including family and friends. So, today I would like to discuss this empty feeling that sometimes we try to fill by working more. This is dedicated to those who decided to go to another country by themselves, as it’s both a great and lonely journey.  Well, probably everybody put the pros and cons in a...
Tags: being homesick, filling the gap of homesickness

Donna Kridelbaugh

07.21.2014 |    435 |   reply |
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Mentors make a positive impact on youth’s lives, and research shows that “mentoring works.” A mentor can improve a student’s school attendance record, chance of going to college and attitude towards learning.  Mentors are needed at every step, from grade school to college and beyond, to connect individuals with the resources...
Tags: how to become a mentor, mentor volunteer, mentoring

Kate Sleeth

07.18.2014 |    1,028 |   reply |
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A few weeks ago, I went to a national conference for a new association which I am now a member of.  As usual, there was a “newbies” information session which introduces you to the association, their leadership, and hopefully other new individuals who are probably feeling as nervous as you...
Tags: being happy with my job, Changing careers, my dream job

Christiana Davis

07.16.2014 |    523 |   reply |
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I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia, and matriculated to the United States. Now a freelancer, I offer a full range of Regulatory Medical Writing, Project Management, and Career Training (both group and individual) Services. I also help individuals make informed choices about...
Tags: bench science, pursuing academia

Andrea Habura

07.14.2014 |    542 |   reply |
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In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, our intrepid hero reluctantly does something completely senseless: he leaps off a cliff “from the lion’s head,” into a bottomless chasm to prove his faith and get to the Grail that he’s been hunting. (If you somehow missed the movie, the...
Tags: attending conferences, conference for inventors, how to be a successful inventor

Shu Chin Ma

07.01.2014 |    2,419 |   reply |
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I will admit it, when I was a wee grasshopper, I had a rather naïve view of my future life as a professional. I vacillated between an aspiring, and probably a very hungry artist, a neurosurgeon and going to Africa to feed hungry children.  Needless to say, over the years, my...
Tags: love of teaching, teaching as a career

Smita Mukherjee

06.23.2014 |    1,684 |   reply |
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Being in graduate school is a truly unique experience because, for the rest of your life, you will rarely have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many young people from diverse backgrounds with an unmatched intellectual curiosity, zest for life and passion for doing something spectacular.  However, it is sometimes...
Tags: meeting new people, networking in science industry, what to do out of the lab

Kate Sleeth

06.20.2014 |    1,690 |   reply |
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A couple of months ago we decided to put a submission in for an NIH grant.  No big deal, I hear you all say.  Well, we had decided so late that we only have 17 days to do it!  I was the main writer for the project, and so it fell...
Tags: team effort, teamwork for grant writing, writing grant

Alice Gruber

06.19.2014 |    2,457 |   reply |
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On May 6, 2014, the US Department of Homeland Security announced a proposed rule that certain spouses of H-1B Temporary Workers will be able to apply for work authorization.  In order for the spouse to qualify, the H-1B Temporary Worker must have either been granted a 7th year extension under...
Tags: spouse of H-1B, visa issues for scientist spouse

Suzane Ramos da Silva

06.18.2014 |    2,479 |   reply |
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In my first blog at Bio Careers, I would like to discuss the options that scientists have when they finish their postdocs. When you are at the limbo phase, you must decide which will be the next move, and for that you need to consider your own natural skills and...
Tags: changing career to industry, industry vs. academia

Thomas Magaldi

06.17.2014 |    3,126 |   reply |
No votes yet

I am honored to have the privilege of contributing to the Bio Careers blog.  In my first post on Bio Careers, I want to start by introducing myself, and my career path. I received a PhD in genetics from Yale University in 2012, where I studied viral oncogenes and infectious...
Tags: career in non-profit science, scientist in non-profit

Matt Wenham

06.12.2014 |    1,836 |   reply |
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One of the most significant transition points for many scientists is the decision to move overseas. For most people, this occurs at the point of the postdoctoral fellowship, with the experience of conducting research in a foreign country and system, and also one of the key stages in career progression...
Tags: moving overseas, working abroad

Kia Walcott

06.11.2014 |    2,062 |   reply |
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There are no real rules to job hunting or deciding on a career path. Some general principles do exist however, and while I cannot attest to them all, I can tell you what worked for me!  As you may know, I am a medical writer so I will discuss prepping for...
Tags: how to become a medical writer, how to start a writing career

Nathan Vanderford

06.06.2014 |    2,016 |   reply |
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In the US, the month of April is synonymous with federal and state income tax deadlines.  For millions of Americans, Tax Day is a dreaded day. A more positive outlook to take, however, is that tax season is a government-facilitated reminder of the need to focus on your personal finances in...
Tags: take aways from finance, Tax Day

Charlotte Mitchell

06.04.2014 |    3,403 |   reply |
No votes yet

One thing I have discovered over the last few years is that no matter what career you choose, it is not always fun. However, you also shouldn’t dread going to work every day! If you are truly unhappy with your job, don’t get stuck just because you think that is...
Tags: job hunting tips, transferrable skills

Christiana Davis

06.02.2014 |    2,143 |   reply |
No votes yet

In my previous post “Finding The Door To Get Your Foot In,” I included excerpts from an original email that landed me a face-to-face informational meeting. For the benefit of readers who do not know what an informational meeting is, it is simply a meeting (or an interview) you arrange...
Tags: how to get a job in industry, industry jobs

Amber O’Connor

05.30.2014 |    2,847 |   reply |
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Hello everyone!  Today’s blog is on a very important topic that I have recently had to deal with as a science writer, plagiarism. Introduction: I have my own business where I work as a publication specialist.  I facilitate the publication of primary research manuscripts at all stages. I may edit the...
Tags: plagiarism on academic paper, what is plagiarism

Lauren Celano

05.27.2014 |    3,598 |   reply |
No votes yet

I often advise PhD students on career planning and the many options available to them in and out of academia.  When I ask about specific skills, a lot of them focus only on their research/technical skills, i.e. “hard skills” such as genetics, cell biology, computer science, chemistry or pharmacology.  When...
Tags: how important are soft skills, how to have soft skills

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