How does your resume look?
Submitted by May Li on Tue, 2010-09-28 19:17
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Many times people have sent in their resumes for a job they believe is a perfect fit.

Yet weeks have gone by and still they heard nothing back from the company.

First you need to ask: How does your resume look? 

Writing a good scientific resume is crucial to getting a job interview.

  1. Often the resume goes through a first screening by people who are NOT scientists.If you don't have the correct "buzz words"  your resume won't be forwarded.   
  2. Neatness and spelling is very important.  Have a friend or colleague critique it for appearance and grammar.  It is worth taking time to make it appealing and reader friendly.
  3. Content: Don't assume hiring managers can guess or decipher your qualifications or read between the lines.  If your experience is not detailed on the resume it means you haven't done it.  Be sure to clearly define your role, responsibility and accomplishments/contribution for each job/position you have held
  4. It is advisable to customize or tailor your resume to each job description that you apply for.  Sometimes job descriptions are written in a generic terms, and it will be difficult to know exactly what they are looking for.  In this case you may ask your recruiter to help you find out more about the opportunity to see if you are indeed the right candidate.
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