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Marielena Mata

12.17.2010 |    12,425 |   reply |
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The holidays are here and with the holidays come the holiday celebrations, of course.  Usually, the month of December is loaded with lunches, parties and Happy Hours to celebrate the year’s accomplishments.  This year was no exception and as I came out of one of those “2010 Accomplishments” meetings with both cake and Ice Cream, I got inspired to share a few learnings. One of the frustrations of working in big Pharma is the slowness of it all.  Go to any careers panel and the Biotech guys will tell you how nimble they are compared to Big Pharma and it is true.  Things move slowly in Pharma Because of the...
Tags: accomplishments, advice, career development

Ex Lab Junkie

12.17.2010 |    12,114 |   reply |
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It has become tradition for many workplaces to go out together as a group for lunch close to Christmas. When I started my government job four years ago, this festive occasion was appropriately called the ‘Christmas Lunch’. In subsequent years, it was decided by management that the lunch should be more inclusive and representative of...
Tags: diversity, Government research

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

12.16.2010 |    11,099 |   reply |
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Last time, I gave the basics about how I prepared for the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship so that my application was competitive, which began my career transition into science policy.  In this post, I’d like to give you three more tips that might not have been so obvious...
Tags: Changing careers, networking, Science policy

Clement Weinberger

12.15.2010 |    12,067 |   reply |
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The short answer is “yes.” Of course they do. But the best networks would probably not be Facebook clones. Why not? Well, because Facebook helps people find people. Scientists need networks that help people find information. The label “Scientists” is a very big one and includes a lot of people and professions, but to...
Tags: networking, Science writing, social media

Mike Chang

12.14.2010 |    9,918 |   1 reply |
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In my past blogs, I had lamented on the lack of career planning as I was going through my education. At this stage in life, I recognized the deficiency and immediately proceeded to over-compensate on the solution.  I made a significant decision during my apprenticeship at UC Irvine. I had decided that I wanted...
Tags: Career Planning, Graduate school

Peggy McKee

12.13.2010 |    13,624 |   reply |
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Lots of people think that there’s no point to looking for a new job during the holiday season…and they’re busy with their own celebrations with family and friends, so they just take a few weeks off, thinking they’ll come back fresh in the New Year.  Don’t make that mistake. The holiday season is a...
Tags: networking, social media

Reshma Parmar

12.10.2010 |    19,857 |   reply |
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In the last post, I touched on the type of evidence required for an EB1 extraordinary alien or EB2 national-interest case.  Obtaining testimonials or expert reference letters is a critical evidentiary component in a successful case. Who should write for you? The best writers are those who do not directly know you or work with you, but...
Tags: immigration, testimonial letters, visa

Wenny Lin

12.09.2010 |    13,169 |   3 reply |
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In the October 2010 issue of The Scientist, Associate Editor Richard Grants noted in his editorial that “only a fraction of researchers in the UK make frequent use of social media tools.” I suspect that is also the case here in the US. I recently invited social media expert Patrick O’Malley ( to lead a workshop...
Tags: Government research, networking, social media

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

12.08.2010 |    11,414 |   reply |
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Now that you know a little bit about what science policy is, and one way of transitioning into science policy (the AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship Program), I’d like to give you a little more information on how I changed careers from being a bench scientist to a science policy professional. The way I...

Matthew Hight

12.07.2010 |    28,991 |   reply |
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I can’t think of a witty one-liner to start off my first blog entry, so I’ll just skip that part and jump right into things. I received my BS degree in chemistry and, like most undergraduates, was unsure of what to do after college. I was unsure of the job market and of what...
Tags: Choosing career path, Graduate school

Peggy McKee

12.06.2010 |    12,880 |   1 reply |
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The whole concept of networking can be intimidating for people, especially those in scientific or technical fields whose personalities don’t tend to be outgoing (unlike others in, say, sales).  And for many, networking while you’re looking for a new job can feel a lot like asking for a favor — not something any of us...
Tags: networking, social media

Randall Ribaudo

12.03.2010 |    17,728 |   reply |
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NASA:  “We're better rocket scientists than accountants” Think you could use that excuse as a scientist working on a project in a biotech or pharmaceutical company?  The above titled AP story that appeared on the web last week discusses the significant cost overruns NASA is experiencing in developing the James Web Space Telescope that is...
Tags: Career Planning, communication, non-technical skills

Marielena Mata

12.02.2010 |    20,194 |   reply |
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In reading my blogs, I notice that I have written about all the wonderful things I do, the great people I work with and the absolute satisfaction my profession brings into my life.  Yet, even I, little Miss Positivity, have my dark days and I’ve decided to put lay it all out in the open. ...
Tags: advice, Biopharma, job training

Cynthia Lawley

12.01.2010 |    15,907 |   3 reply |
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I was listening to Freakonomics Radio a few days ago, and there was a story about "faking it." The premise was the following:  for the purpose of streamlining communication, "greasing the wheels" of social interaction, we all fake it.  We may imply we are more spiritual or religious than we truly are (especially when visiting...
Tags: Biopharma, Changing careers

Christie Canaria

12.01.2010 |    12,635 |   reply |
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Does the public like science? Do the people trust scientists? Sometimes, I wonder. As a young scientist fresh out of a postdoc, a lot of my friends are also scientists. Of course, many of those friendships were forged over those strenuous years of grad school. My friends and I, we’re...
Tags: job satisfaction, public perception, Trust in science

Clement Weinberger

11.30.2010 |    13,624 |   reply |
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At some point in your publication planning, you will have to choose the journals where you will submit your articles. Finding the right journal is important because if your article isn’t published in a timely fashion, say within a year or two of a congress presentation, no one will know about it, and...
Tags: journal selection, publication planning, Science writing

Eric Vieira

11.30.2010 |    20,768 |   2 reply |
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____________________________ Job Advertisement (continued): “In general, we expect our research associates to possess, or have the potential to possess, the following characteristics: Strong writing (if you do not enjoy writing, this job is not for you. You will need to be concise, make strong arguments, and translate scientific and clinical data for...
Tags: equity research, Investment banking, job qualifications

Reshma Parmar

11.29.2010 |    11,382 |   reply |
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In this week's blog, let's focus on laying the ground work for an extraordinary-ability or national-interest waiver case filing.  How can you pre-plan and position yourself to maximize your chances for a successful outcome?  Here are some tips: 1. My first request from clients is usually for a current, thorough resume. This gives me a good idea...
Tags: immigration, Resumes, visa

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