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Tony Fox

11.17.2010 |    9,118 |   reply |
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              We have all envisioned the scene in which cash simply flows into our checking accounts while we leisurely work from home.  The occupation is, of course, one that would flourish from an individual passion, which would ensure that the lucrative endeavor would also provide a meaningful and enjoyable life. As time passes, it may start to become evident that this image is not turning out to be very realistic.  Therefore, we may accept things as they are while appreciating what we have and looking forward to the possibilities that exist in the future.  However, this is the point in life where it is crucial to differentiate between simply acknowledging the responsibilities of...
Tags: Goal setting, professional growth

Jared Young

11.17.2010 |    13,436 |   reply |
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When contemplating a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) career, take note that the nature of your job can vary considerably depending on the institution. This is part of a series of blogs that list some salient features of an institution that can affect your work.  Today’s focus – Gauging academic preparedness The...

Clement Weinberger

11.16.2010 |    14,574 |   2 reply |
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… or not on them? In fact, all of us are members of social networks. We have circles of friends and acquaintances, and we interact with professional colleagues and associates every day. That's true whether you are a basic or medical researcher, a physician or other healthcare provider, medical writer,...
Tags: Science writing, social networking

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

11.16.2010 |    19,171 |   reply |
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According to NatureJobs first ever salary and career stage survey, the average male salary is about $82,000 and the average female salary is about $70,000.  What’s even more interesting, though, is the gender difference in salary by years after degree.  Inspecting the graph closely, the salaries of North American women are...

Reshma Parmar

11.15.2010 |    18,009 |   reply |
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In my last post, I gave the background to the U.S. immigration process for scientists.  In this post, I will give brief explanations of the various categories for fast tracking your application if you are a scientist or researcher.  It is useful to consult with an experienced attorney to help...
Tags: immigration, law, visas

Eric Vieira

11.15.2010 |    41,003 |   reply |
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One of the best ways to start understanding what it is like to be an equity analyst is to start following the markets and putting your ideas to work. Now I am not suggesting you go find a broker and hand over your life savings. Most of you, as I...
Tags: annual reports, Equity portfolios, investments


11.12.2010 |    8,489 |   reply |
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Employers love the resume search tool.  It allows them the opportunity to both narrowly define the skill sets they want, and to speak with "passive" candidates (those who are already in a good job, but could be interested with something really fantastic.) Have you posted your resume in our database yet? ...
Tags: resume

Peggy McKee

11.12.2010 |    45,308 |   4 reply |
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Are you aware of how critical it is that you ask questions of your own during your interview?  Whether it’s for a position in academia, a research laboratory, or a sales/technical support position in a private company, the questions you ask can uncover vital information that can be used to refine the answers you give...
Tags: job interview

Wenny Lin

11.12.2010 |    95,333 |   3 reply |
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The first thing I learned in graduate school had nothing to do with PCR or cell culture. Walking the halls of the lonely ivy-covered ivory tower, I learned that you are your own absolute best (and sometimes, only) advocate. Nobody, not even your kindly mentor/advisor, will look out for you...
Tags: Recommendation letters, self evaluation

Larry Petcovic

11.11.2010 |    10,371 |   reply |
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A few basic rules to remember may help you write your resume (based on my 30 years of experience): 1. We DO NOT want to adopt you.  We do not want to adopt your family, your hobbies, your photos, your art work or your religion.  Most companies are hiring you for three reasons:  your technical skills, the value...
Tags: image, job interview, Resume/CV

Tony Fox

11.11.2010 |    8,589 |   reply |
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For those searching for a job within the current market, it is all too easy to feel the ache of hopelessness.  This does not need to be the case because hope is something that can never be taken away from a person.  A negative outlook by the masses can be...
Tags: advice, Self improvement, unemployment

Christie Canaria

11.10.2010 |    14,726 |   reply |
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Today is my birthday! It's really just another day. I don't feel older than I did yesterday. I don't look older than I did yesterday. Sometimes, though, I wonder how work would feel if I visibly aged - just a little - overnight. For the most part, I consider myself lucky in the aging process....
Tags: Government research, image

Eric Vieira

11.10.2010 |    16,729 |   reply |
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Part of an analyst’s job (a pretty big part, by the way) is staying on top of current developments and how these may affect a sector’s or, more specifically, company’s performance. The internet has provided investors many sources for news, opinions and commentary, though some are more reliable than others....
Tags: current events, equity analyst, News sources

Reshma Parmar

11.09.2010 |    14,559 |   5 reply |
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In this discussion, I would like to give an overview of the different paths to U.S. permanent residency that are available to an individual employed in a scientific field.  Due to its length, this overview blog entry is divided into two parts.  The first part is an introduction about employment...
Tags: immigration, law, visas

Todd Pihl

11.09.2010 |    9,671 |   reply |
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“The flight will be delayed while several of the seats on the plane are replaced. Believe me, we REALLY want this to happen.” It is highly likely that this is about the last thing you want to hear when you are waiting to board a plane. Of...
Tags: communications, entrepreneurship, Skill Building

Lisa Sproul Hoverman

11.08.2010 |    19,035 |   1 reply |
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“Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.”  ~Albert Schweitzer With a great background in biology or biomedical research, you landed a great job in consulting, advising, teaching, writing, or advocating!  However, you have to admit, in the evenings and on the weekends you find yourself missing the research. The long hours at...
Tags: career options, Volunteering

Clement Weinberger

11.08.2010 |    16,499 |   2 reply |
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In academia and medical research, the majority of my writing involved research grants and publication manuscripts. Success in one drove success in the other, a relationship that some of us saw as a “vicious cycle” and others as an “upward spiral.” More planning efforts went toward the research than the...
Tags: publication planning, Science writing

Wenny Lin

11.05.2010 |    16,078 |   reply |
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I once heard from a professor that post-docs at the NIH have no opportunities to write grants, and therefore, they don’t have a competitive edge in the academic market. However, as a current post-doc at the NIH, not only have I just written a grant to compete for research funding, I even took an...
Tags: Government research, grant writing, NIH

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