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Jason Tilan

10.08.2010 |    10,218 |   reply |
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I recently participated in the commencement ceremony for my doctoral degree and was greeted with a statement I have heard all too often, “A PhD in ____ (name of science field), you have so many great opportunities open to you now!”  My reaction to this individual, which has been rather consistent since defending last year, was a nod of my head twice, simultaneously combining a nasally-based exhalation with some weird hybrid of a grimace-smile, followed by a humble, “yeah, I guess.”  Thinking back on this statement and response, I came to a realization; having so many opportunities is part of the...
Tags: job application, job search, meeting, teaching skills

Tony Fox

10.07.2010 |    13,434 |   reply |
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Nike did indeed precede me in establishing the title phrase of this blog.  However, it is a statement that we should remind ourselves to obey.  Several ideas and goals have been known to come and go simply because they are not pursued.  What exactly does a person have to lose when attempting to achieve...
Tags: Advice for Scientists, job search, Science writing

Diane Johnson Whitmore

10.07.2010 |    16,993 |   1 reply |
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You are ready to start your job search and you know that you need a sharp marketing tool to send to potential employers. Good for you for knowing the importance of a well-written summary of your education, professional accomplishments, and abilities. You might even have an old resume from the...
Tags: CV, job search, resume

Christie Canaria

10.07.2010 |    13,786 |   reply |
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Hello, world! It’s a pleasure to be writing for Bio Careers – my first entry and my first blog. I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed science from a number of vantage points (in no particular order): mixing art and science; academia and a graduate degree; my first job in...
Tags: Career Planning, Changing careers, grad school

Marielena Mata

10.06.2010 |    10,885 |   reply |
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This blog is dedicated to that most influential person in the life of any professional; one’s direct supervisor.   Let me start by saying that my boss, who I will call the “Big Boss,” is absolutely the most wonderful boss EVER! (Hey, you never know when Big Boss will decide to Google your name and read...
Tags: communication, planning, Supervising

Clement Weinberger

10.06.2010 |    11,022 |   reply |
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My name is Clement Weinberger and I am a freelance medical writer, having recently retired as Director of Medical Communications in the Medical Affairs Department of a biopharma company. Of course, my professional life didn't start there. As the song says, it has been “A Long and Winding Road.” In...
Tags: Biopharma, communications, medical writing

Ken Zeidner

10.06.2010 |    37,906 |   reply |
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Hi All, I never thought I'd get into the blogging game, but when the good folks at Bio Careers asked me to do one, I couldn't say no.  In my blog, I will provide some of my experiences regarding my transition from scientist to patent law attorney.  By way of introduction, I...
Tags: Biopharma, Changing careers, Patent law

Peggy McKee

10.05.2010 |    14,274 |   reply |
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If you’re in the market for a job, it can seem like an overwhelming task to find information on prospective employers that will really tell you what you need to know.  Approaching your task from several different angles will give you a better, more complete picture of prospective employers.  Start with these: Corporate web pages.  This...
Tags: job search, networking, social media

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

10.05.2010 |    13,836 |   reply |
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Well, I never thought I’d be a blogger. I read lots of blogs, and am sort of a news hound, but so far I have refused to set up a Facebook account because I hear so much about privacy concerns, meaning that I haven’t really shared too much about myself...
Tags: management, Science policy

Jason Tilan

10.05.2010 |    9,461 |   reply |
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Continuing with my experience at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting last month, particularly with their Professional Advancement Series (PAS) sessions; along with the benefit of the use of an Executive/Professional Summary as part of one’s job application/inquiry, I was also introduced to an eye-opening career option as an...
Tags: industry, job search, meeting, postdoc

Charlie Shaw

10.04.2010 |    8,777 |   reply |
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Greetings loyal readers (is that too presumptuous?)…  So I am blogging now, but as an individual that does not even use text messaging, I think this will be interesting. Well, here we go. My name is Charlie Shaw and I am a recent PhD graduate of Duke University (via University of Chicago). I finished...
Tags: Changing careers, job search

Tony Fox

10.04.2010 |    17,885 |   reply |
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This is the first in a series of blog entries geared towards all the science folk out there yearning for passion within their work.  Admittedly, many are simply looking for work.  That is entirely beside the point because there is always work to be done.  After years of education or...
Tags: freelance, Science writing

Eric Vieira

10.04.2010 |    20,640 |   reply |
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Say it. Yes, say it. Thank you. Now don’t fool yourself in believing that just because you dedicated your life to the pursuit of knowledge that money isn’t important. It most certainly is. You could not do those experiments if you didn’t have funds to purchase pricey reagents. And have...
Tags: Business, entrepreneurship, finance

Clement Weinberger

10.01.2010 |    16,119 |   reply |
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What's been happening with that manuscript in your pub plan? First draft written – Check; two rounds of review and revision – Check; approval by the pub steering committee – Check; formatted for the journal style – Check; submitted online as an original research article – Check; editor's decision received - check. Finally! You've been...
Tags: publications, Science writing

Jenne Relucio

10.01.2010 |    12,867 |   reply |
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Welcome, readers! I am Jenne Relucio, a pre-doctorate scientist at Stony Brook University in New York. As a guest blogger on Bio Careers, I will be writing about making the leap from the research bench to non-traditional careers in the life sciences. In my future entries (which I am planning...
Tags: career options, Changing careers, law

Marielena Mata

10.01.2010 |    11,113 |   2 reply |
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As I sit here trying to figure out what to say, I keep asking myself: Who am I? There are so many ways to define myself.  The demographic answer would be Hispanic female in her late 30s (very late), professional, married with 3 children.  I’m sure the census would be...
Tags: Biopharma, cancer research

Peggy McKee

09.30.2010 |    15,078 |   1 reply |
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Because there are over 70 million professionals on LinkedIn, it’s a great place to network within the scientific community.  But did you also know that LinkedIn is an amazing resource for interview preparation?   Preparing for the job interview is vital—no matter what career you’re in.  Potential employers want to know...
Tags: interview process, LinkedIn, networking

David Keleti

09.30.2010 |    15,501 |   reply |
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In this blog, I hope to provide the perspective of a post-graduate scientist with some biotech industry experience who transitioned into medical writing for a medical communications agency, and then went out on his own as a freelance writer.  Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a PhD...
Tags: Academia, biotech, freelance, industry, writer

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