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Lauren Celano


Tips on Preparing for the Bio Careers® Virtual Summit

The Bio Careers® Virtual Summit scheduled on October 3rd and 4th provides graduate students, postdocs, and alumni an opportunity to learn about companies that are hiring and also gain insight from the presenters about job search tips and career strategy.  The summit provides an opportunity for jobseekers to interact with hiring professionals and express interest in roles. As a recruiter, I like to see the following when a candidate talks with me about a role: Self-awareness for your career choice:


Virtual Job Summit Events

I’m getting really excited about the upcoming Job Summit, and wanted to share with you some of the events that are part of it.  We have a a great series of speakers already lined up, with more to be scheduled:


400 Scientists Already Signed up for Summit

We’re very excited about the upcoming Virtual Job Summit, and all of the events and recruiting that’s going to happen.  Already, 400 of you talented scientists have signed up for the Event, and there are still 2 weeks to go.  We’ve got a great slate of employers, and are building virtual booths for still more.


Top 10 Reasons employers should grab a booth at the Job Summit

The Virtual Job Summit is a great deal for Employers.  Here are the top 10 reasons you should contact us about a booth:1.    You can attend 35 career fairs at once!  With the event open to all of our 35 Members, you can recruit from all of these top training centers at the same time.  Very efficient.


A Must Read Article

I haven’t yet pointed out a specific article on the site for special attention.  We publish so many strong articles of interest that I’ve thought it best that you explore in your areas of interest.However,  Lauren Celano recently wrote an article entitled Building Your Online Presence that I thought was not only well written, but really important for today’s job searchers.

Thomas Patrick

But what if they don't have an opening?

Hello everyone!Since this is my first blog submission after the webinar last week, I wanted to re-address one of the topics I brought up, and continue some thoughts raised by the follow up questions from the audience.


Why you did not get that job - Part II

I just came across a piece on healthecareers talking about the personal flaws that turn hiring managers against a particular candidate.


Coaching for Athletes--I Mean, Scientists

Coaching isn’t just for athletes anymore.  In any instance where you’re trying to move from one career spot to another, you can virtually always benefit from the help of a career coach, or an interview coach.


A Case Study of Moving from Academia to Industry

I'm really excited to be part of the Bio Careers blogosphere and am looking forward to interacting with you all.  I'm a molecular immunologist by training and came up through the well-worn academic path-- Biochemistry/Physiology undergrad program (McGill University) followed by PhD program in immunology at University of Connecticut that led to a post-doc at the NIH in the Laboratory of Immunology, NIAID.  My career path sort of happened to me rather than me guiding it.  Through some good networking and a little bit of good science, luck and publications, I was offered a PI po


Making Friends in All Sorts of Places

Not too long ago my neighborhood had a street festival, the kind that’s celebrated with a community parade, a Ferris wheel, and 26 dedicated street blocks for booths. One of those booths happened to be the local Department of Energy (DOE) Lab’s booth, where I volunteered to work.