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Welcome to the Future : A Guide to navigating the Virtual Career Fair and beyond.

A Virtual Job Summit: Meet employers from all over the country sitting at your own desk.Ten years ago, if I might make a guesstimate, such an idea would have not excited the same amount of attention for job seekers or employers. Mainly because the job market was thriving with job seekers that were well acquainted with the big, no holds barred,  venue based job fairs.


The Unasked Interview Questions That Are So Important to the Hiring Manager

It doesn’t matter what your career area is…in every job, the hiring manager has 4 fundamental questions they are looking to see if you can answer in the interview.  Knowing what those questions are is key to understanding what it means to be strategic in your interview process—not just in your interview prep, but in your entire approach to the interview.

Thomas Patrick

“People hire people they like”

While working with one of my outplacement clients a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to address one of my favorite topics – the “pre interview mindset.” While game - planning for a first interview she had lined up, I told my client that since she was talking to an actual hiring authority (not HR) she should devise a list of questions that would help uncover some of their needs and issues.


Visas – what’s your number?

While I was never a maths whizz, I used to do okay with numbers. I didn’t get to use a calculator until who knows when in school (meaning that I used my brain for day to day problems), I even knew long division, and was able to knock out pretty much all my friends and family’s telephone numbers instantly. Now, I use my smart phone to look up people’s numbers (I honestly don’t remember more than a handful), long division is a thing of the past, and I pull out a calculator for tasks that I really don’t need it for.


The Satisfaction of Planning

I have had the pleasure of planning numerous events, initially as the social chair of the postdoctoral association (PDA) at my research institute, and now as the chair/president of the PDA.  That is correct, I said pleasure!  When people at my institution or other organizations comment on the terrors of planning events, I have to disagree.  I have to admit that it does get my Adrenalin pumping and that sometimes things go wrong, or only happen at the last possible second, but seeing something come to fruition is very satisfying.

Reineke Pohlhaus

5 New Years’ Resolutions for Finding your New Career

Well, it’s the new year.  Do you have any resolutions? If your resolution is to determine your future career, here are a few places to start.


Starting The Interview Process

I had a previous post about the hunt for a postdoctoral position and the advice that I had received. I have emailed many different professors since that post. They are all generally involved in GPCR research. I think that combining my nuclear receptor experience with GPCR experience will make me more marketable in the long run.

Thomas Patrick

A great resource for you the job seeker.

Hi Everyone!I wanted to spend some time today telling you about an excellent resource being made available to you here at Bio Careers...I am speaking of the Bio Careers “Virtual Job Summit”, which kicks off February 1st, 2012. Here is the link to register: this job summit will help your exposure as a job seeker, and also help you learn about prospective institutions and companies who could hire you.


Aggressive Asian

As an undergraduate, I was once interviewed by a female (Caucasian) professor who exclaimed mid-interview that she’d never before “met such an aggressive Asian woman!” I was flabbergasted by her comment and was not sure how to interpret it.Had I impressed or disappointed her with my goals and ambitions? Had I inspired or intimidated her when I described my leadership experiences and aspirations? Was her comment actually a compliment or a put-down?

Thomas Patrick

Because an updated CV isn’t enough.

Hello All!I am a firm believer in doing little things each day that add up. Whether it’s acquiring a new skill, or fulfilling a personal goal, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.In the realm of job search, it’s what you do over time WHILE YOU ARE EMPLOYED that will help you if you suddenly find yourself UNEMPLOYED.