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Resume or CV?

Postdoc positions within the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, like many other jobs, have taken a hit with the latest budget news.  The option to extend USDA postdocs past their two-year appointments is no longer available—at least for now.  So, as I draw near the end of my second year, I have begun browsing potential job opportunities.


My first blog entry for Bio Careers

Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fatos I am from Albania, a small country about the size of Maryland. I graduated from the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. Later I worked in the Natural History Museum in London.


The Politics of Science

Do you ever think about telling your stories about your lab work on stage? Do you ever want to share your ambition and enthusiasm in science with other people who are not working in this field? Do you ever want to tell stories that seem very normal in your daily work but are quite interesting actually?

Thomas Patrick

The interview went great! Now what?

So you spent all day meeting with hiring authorities, and you got along great. You feel there was a meeting of the minds, and you are sure you did all you could do to make your case. Chances are, you heard these words as you left:1.)“We have a few more people to talk to, and we’ll be in contact as we go forward in the process”


SEO-ing Your Resume

If you are in the midst of job search, or know someone who is, the chance is you have probably encountered the dark abyss of the company application database to which you submit your resume and cover letter. I call it a dark abyss because, more than likely, once you have hit the “submit” button and receive the confirmation email, nothing else happens. It feels like your resume has been dropped into a very deep and dark hole and vanished forever. So what can you do about this frustrating situation? Well, the good news is that it may not be your qualifications.


The promise of the latter stage career

The topic of this posting is ‘the promise of the latter stage career.’ It is inspired by my recent trip on holiday to Spain, in particular Barcelona. In Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia church is an emblem of the city and it is a hot tourist destination. But it’s history and continuing development (it is not yet finished) provides valuable insights into the rewards that can await a talented professional in his/her latter stages of work. In this case, the example to which I point is its architect, Antoni Gaudí.


You’re in (a) good company

So how do you know that? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to answer that question. I mean – if you just think about the people you are talking or sitting with at the moment, or those you are working with right now, it's not so hard to decide if you are in “good company.” After all, you probably know a lot about them. Now broaden that thought a bit. What about finding “a good company?” That takes a bit of research on your part - but as a PhD, you are good at research.


Welcome to the Virtual Job Summit

The Job Summit is here!  If you haven’t already, you’ll want to sign up and visit the virtual environment.For Employers, please know that we will continue to add booths to the event until October 4th.  It’s never too late to put your organization forward to this very talented set of postgraduate life scientists.  We have booths of all sizes to fit all budgets.For Jobseekers, welcome to the event.  Come on in and visit.  In the event, you’ll find:


4 Truly Impressive Job Interview Techniques

Ever wonder how (and if) the tools I urge candidates to use in their job interviews really work?


8 Ways to Prepare for the Virtual Job Summit

The Virtual Job Summit is a great opportunity to make yourself known to employers that interest you.  Employers are looking for top talent from across the U.S. to fill their open positions.  Here are some ways to ensure you make the most of your experience:1. Shop the employer booths early and often.  In particular, be sure to come to the Summit in the week before the October 5th/6th live days, as that’s when the most employers will be represented.2. Study the materials and listings employers are presenting in their booths to see which ones match you best.