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Applying for Positions at Academic Institutions (Part 1)

You’re completing your doctorate and planning to apply to an academic institution to continue your research. What steps can you take with your application to improve your chances of being accepted?

Thomas Patrick

From Job Seeker to Job Hunter

Hello Everyone! I’m Tom, and I was recently invited to blog for Bio Careers. I look forward to serving the community by writing on topics pertaining to job search planning, interview preparation, effective follow–up, and much more. I will also offer my take on what I see happening in the job markets, trends in job search, career management, and anything else that I think might be of value for you to know.


Polish Your Skills for Bio Careers’ Virtual Job Fair

If you haven’t heard by now, Bio Careers is holding the world’s first Virtual Job Summit for life science Master’s and PhD graduates starting in August.  Job seekers will be able to meet with employers from a significant number of top training institutions in the U.S.  It will be set up with virtual booths, “office hours,” and links to job listings on the Bio Careers job board.


Live, Love and Pray

This is a blog for PhDs who, in their focus on scientific research, have lost their work/life balance.Some people may think PhDs are too narrowly focused and think differently than others, and are especially without people and communication skills. This may be true for a lot of PhDs, but not everybody is the same. PhDs need love like anyone else. I will disclose my own love stories to help you understand.


The Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

I’m excited to tell you about a new event that we’ve had in development for a few months now.  It’s the Virtual Job Summit, and it’s scheduled to start on August 1st.  The Virtual Job Summit is an online Job Fair that’s open only to Bio Careers jobseekers.  It will take place in a virtual environment where you navigate through a Lobby into Halls where Employers will have virtual Booths set up.


WIST 2011 – Fail Forward: Embracing Risk

On Saturday the 14th of May I attended the Women in Science and Technology conference held at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla.  There were four workshop sessions, and I wish to share a few thoughts from those sessions over my next few blogs.  The first session I attended was held by Janet Vohariwatt and was entitled, Fail Forward: Embracing Risk.  Janet has had a very successful career.  She was born in Thailand and moved to America to continue her studies in computers.  She worked through the ranks at Xerox, was a vice president at an


Behavioral Interviews: Beyond the Basics

Behavioral interviews are a very common job interview technique.  Hiring managers love them because they get a better sense of who you are and what working with you might actually be like.   In the video below, I’m going to talk to you about the types of questions that are usually asked, both theoretical (what would you do) and behavioral (what have you done).


WIST 2011 – Exploding Bras; and Hard Hats!

On Saturday the 14th of May, I had the pleasure of attending the Women in Science and Technology conference held at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla.  The title of the conference was, Embrace Change: Opportunities in the New Decade.  I have never been to a more inspiring conference.  There were around 200 individuals in attendance on the day, which were a mixture of women of all ages and careers and also some gentlemen.


How Many Miles Do You Have on Your Airline Account?

Do you remember the character played by George Clooney who has 10 million flight miles in the movie “Up In the Air?” That might be a little extreme for normal people. Check out your account. How many do you have? 20,000? Well, last week I had a meeting with a guy from Texas. He has over 4 million miles on his American Airline account. The number amazed everybody in reality. He is very proud of the miles record and told me that his business wouldn’t get this far if he didn’t fly this many miles.


WIST 2011 – The Art of negotiation

At the Women in Science and Technology conference, the final workshop I attended was given by Linda Baracs, a professor of law, ethics and negotiation at the University of San Diego.  Her workshop was entitled, He Said, She Said: The Art of Negotiation.  Linda gave an exceptional workshop, which many people participated in.  She has not only had a successful litigation career, but has participated in many additional training courses on negotiation.  She was a wonderful choice to give this very enlightening topical discussion.